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Redeem my 10% off
Redeem my 10% off

[ history lesson in session ]

Women began to wear underwear during the early 1800’s. This type of underwear was called pantaloons, which were also worn by men. Women’s pantaloons were made of light stocking in a flesh toned color and reached to just below the knee, or even all the way to the ankles. By the 1820’s, young women and children were wearing pantalettes. This type of underwear was loose and made up of two leg sections held together with a tie at the waist.
Then came Knickers and Drawers. This type of underwear was often used for sports activities and was usually worn under caged crinolines. Silk and Flannel was a popular choice for knickers.

By 1917, lighter, and thinner weight fabrics, such as rayon was used for knickers. In the 1920’s, the name of knickers changed to panties and they became shorter. In 1974, the thong was invented and in 2016 Barely Undies thongs were born. Hallelujah!

Barely Undies was born to appeal to all women. When you put a pair of Barely Undies on, it feels as if you are barely wearing anything at all. Our undies are the softest undies imaginable. Barely Undies are dedicated to inspiring, and empowering women. Think of Barely Undies as your wonder woman cuffs. When you put on a pair of Barely Undies, anything is possible.

Barely Undies is a low rise thong that feels like you are in your birthday suit when you put it on. The Barely Undies Woman is a strong woman that loves herself, and knows her worth.

[ here is my story ]

My story is one that is difficult to tell and being a private person makes it that much harder. But in order to help others find strength and to be an inspiration I knew that first I had to have the courage to come forward.

I had a life that looked oh-so-perfect on the outside, while I was struggling on the inside. I’m your typical girl: I grew up on Long Island, got married, moved to the Upper East Side, went to law school and had two kids, etc. But what makes me not so typical is that I was in an unhealthy and abusive marriage. I began to believe the words that I was told almost every single day, that I was fat, ugly, worthless... I convinced myself that perhaps I didn’t deserve better and I thought that I was not worthy of a loving marriage. We had a life that seemed nice to the outside world; shopping, traveling the world on beautiful vacations but I was struggling on the inside, I was scared. No one, not friends, not family, knew what I was going through at home. I was embarrassed. How could this be happening to me? I thought. I’m educated, I come from a loving family, I always thought I had good self-esteem.

As the years progressed, my self-esteem and confidence slowly came back to me. My kids were getting bigger and I knew that I owed it to myself and to them to change my life. I deserved it, I deserved to be happy. I filed for divorce on September 22, 2014 and the process quickly became extremely rocky.

My divorce so far reads like a work of fiction and it is still not over. I want to help others know that life can knock you down but you should always remember to stand up because there’s a squad behind you to support you. I will not let myself be knocked down and I will not let anyone dull my sparkle. I would like to inspire, advocate and help empower others that are in the same position that I was in. I am learning to use the bricks that are thrown my way to build a foundation, a foundation for a new life. Start with your undies.

Ronit Potik
Brand Ambassador

[ our packaging ]

We don’t appreciate other people touching our things especially our undies. Each undie you receive is quality checked and individually wrapped in a plastic re-usable pouch. We’ve got you covered, literally.


we are committed to sourcing the best
quality fabrics and cotton for you to feel as
if you barely have anything on.